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Legacy New Boat Models

From the conception of the first Legacy in the 1990’s, they believed that the Legacy brand should lead the industry with yachts that provide efficient performance measured in speed, comfort, superior handling, and sound construction to withstand the rigors of the sea. The Legacy 40, a Mark Ellis designed Downeast yacht and the Legacy 28 designed by Bill
Langan were both developed by Freedom Yachts in the late 90’s. These models set the tone for future Legacy models, great looks and efficient performance. The Legacy 34, another Mark Ellis design filled the line to a 3 model offering and enjoyed a long production run with over 60 hulls produced.

In 2010 Tartan acquired Legacy and moved the Legacy 32 and 42 molds and tooling to its Fairport Ohio manufacturing facility. With the marine industry still recovering from the effects of the recession, Legacy remained out of production until 2013/2014 when the first new Legacy, a 32 was built. Since that time, Tartan has stepped up the production of 32’s 42’s and launched the new Legacy 36, a design collaboration between Mark Ellis Design and the Tartan Design team, headed by Tim Jackett. The new Legacy’s all benefit from Tartan’s leading composite technologies, award winning interior craftsmanship and the best component suppliers in the industry to build great performing luxury cruising yachts, now power and sail.

Tartan’s Legacy Yachts division was founded upon a philosophy of innovative design and handcrafted construction. This philosophy has been the driving force behind their commitment to develop truly fine motor yachts.

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