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Tartan New Boat Models

There is a fine line between romance and obsession and no shame in either emotion. Focused properly, obsession can be channeled to create excellence. The folks at Tartan are as passionate about constructing superior yachts as their devotees are about sailing them. Obsession for brilliance is reflected in each individual component. Only by bringing the Tartan Difference to each component can all of the components coalesce into a truly world-class sailing yacht. Throughout the decade’s long history of Tartan sailboats the resourceful designers, engineers and boat builders of Tartan yachts have continuously established new standards of performance, quality and craftsmanship. They have done so by staying true to their creed of providing Tartan sailboat owners with a yacht that delivers both luxurious accommodations and safe, well-mannered sailing performance in all conditions.

In addition to continued new model development, Tartan also refined its manufacturing processes and developed new higher tech materials, all aimed at enhancing the product. Its composite construction evolved from traditional wet hand lamination to the current infused laminates comprised of high strength e-glass reinforcements and light weight coring resin infused under vacuum with modified epoxy vinylester resin. Tartan also included carbon fiber masts as a part of their product offering along with rig innovations such as the CCR (Cruise Control Rig) and composite pocket boom. All features aimed at providing great performance, ease of handling and greater safety. The Tartan team, led by Naval Architect Tim Jackett is building some of the finest sailboats in the industry. See the Tartan difference today!

For information on pricing and the many options that are available, please contact us.